"Proton Spin Problem" is one of the most important keys for understanding the structure of the nucleon. Especially the strange quarks in the nucleon seem to play important role. Charged lepton deep inelastic scattering so far tells us that the net contribution to the nucleon spin from the strangeness is about Δs ~ 0.

We will investigate the role of the strange quark for the nucleon spin using intensive neutrino beam from J-PARC. Neutral current elastic scattering is used. One year data taking which correspons to 1E21 POT (proton on target) determines the starange quark constribution with accuracy of δ(Δs) ~ 0.03. At the same time, we try to construct a facility for the hadron and nuclear physics using the neutrino beam.


Working group meeting, Feb. 24th, 2006
The first working group meeting of NeuSpin is scheduled as follows:
Date: Feb. 24th, 2006
Cite: International house meeting room at Tokyo Tech
The announcement can be found here